equipment1.jpgFor clients interested in crane or truck rental, Southern Crane has a variety of equipment types and sizes for nearly any lift or move. Whether clients are interested in taxi jobs or long-term rentals, Southern Crane has an ideal equipment solution.

Hourly and daily rates are offered at standard pricing.  However, weekly/monthly rates can be offered at a discount based on utilization or hours of service.

Be sure to contact a Southern Crane representative for current pricing and questions.

Taxi Crane Service

Most small-to-medium-sized mobile cranes can perform three to four jobsites in a day, while larger cranes often remain at one particular jobsite.  

Manned (operator) crane rental

Southern Crane provides manned (with operator) rentals for each project. Southern Crane does not provide bare (unmanned) rentals.   

Equipment and services include:

  • Turnkey Crane and Rigging Services
  • Hydraulic and Conventional Cranes
  • Trucking Services
  • 24-Hour and Emergency Service
  • Turnkey Engineered Crane Lifts to 1,000 Tons
  • Boom Trucks – 28 ton to 35 ton
  • Truck Cranes – 40 ton to 110 ton
  • All-Terrain Cranes – 90 ton to 600 ton
  • Crawler Cranes – up to 1000 ton

For more information on services or a current list of equipment, contact Southern Crane today.